Bill Crasto – Doyaga Gana

Bill Crasto - Doyaga Gana
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Release in February, 2020

Music Overview


world music reminiscent of African grasslands.

“Doyaga gana” means happiness for you (the world).

doya ga(Bengali) ⇒ Bless you

gana(Spanish) ⇒ win


Genre : #edm #worldmusic #african #relax

Future instrument

EDM created in FL Studio using a piano and vocal chops.

This music uses a lot of Splice sample sources.

Female vocals in the intro and “Doyaga gana” use the sampled sound source of “World & Cinematic Bundle” of Pulsed Records.

This is a very nice sample.

Composition of music

This music is also an EDM that loops in a single chord pattern, but incorporates world music and African elements.

“Doyaga gana” is made from NewTone and Edison of FL Studio from vocal samples obtained from Splice.

This work is also created by combining sample sound sources for the rhythm section.